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About Us

about caracal cats we sale.

About caracal cats we sale specialize in helping new breeders all over the world to start with breeding programs. We continues to mentor the  experience breeders and hope  they can benefit from the convenience of choosing a pet closer to their home. Customers are give help here step by step with building suitable living spaces for the cats and animals. There are  provide with tips and tricks for the best breeding results and we are helping with questions about raising. Evaluating and selling their animals into responsible homes.

The Quality of Pets We Breed.

The breed Cats and other animals for quality not quantity!! If you want the best, beautiful, healthy animals, look no further. Every cat or animal breeding is plann for health, temperament and conformation according to the CFA or TICA standard ( in case of kittens). kittens are not cheap, whereas our animals are all Champion bred and only the highest quality. Health being our first priority. All our animals are a part of our family, and has always been before they will embrace their new homes. Unlike their less active cousins (they are calm, more athletic, healthier, and a leaner breed of Cats. Known for their friendly disposition, protectiveness and playfulness. The serval, caracal and savannah are excellent Breed that’s what you need to know about caracal cats we sale. 

Shipping destinations of our pets

All of our cats are registered under both: U.S.D.A. Breeder’s License issued under the Animal Welfare Act and a current U.S.D.I.-U.S. Fish & Wildlife- Federal Import/Export Permit here in the US. We ship our Animals worldwide, We have shipped our animals to: mainland China, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Taiwan, Japan,  Chile, Peru, The Russian Federation, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Romania, France, Canada, Brazil, Colombia, Norway, Holland, Austria, Australia, Great Britain( Scotland, Wales & England) Germany and we sell here within the U.S.

Xolani arrived just a little more than a week ago and has quickly adapted to her new nome. We picked her up after a long flight and she was already showing us her affectionate nature. She is, without a doubt, the most adorable fur baby I have ever had the pleasure to take in as part of our family. She has a soft silky, thick coat and the most adorable long fluffy tail. She “talks” to us with soft trills and is bigger at 6 months than our 2 year old Maine F2 Savannah. Thank you Savannah Manore for being a top rate cattery that raised her before she came to our home. We all love her.

Felicia R. Blakeney

Hey there, you have no idea how much joy you have brought to our home. My son is so happy to have found a great companion. They play all day and even sleep together on the couch. You guys are amazing breeders. You guided me all through the adoption process and made sure my kitten arrived safely. He came with all vaccination records and paperwork just as you promised. Thank you so much.

Andrea M. Holton

Snoop is doing great! We fall more in love with him every day – he has such a fantastic personality and we can’t get enough of him. He really completes our little family. Snoop and I wake up every morning around 7 (although he wakes up at 5 most mornings) and after his breakfast we have some play time. John joins us for some coffee, treats, and play time before John and I head to work and Snoop keeps run of the apartment. He greats us each evening when we get home from work and we enjoy more fetch time and lounging. He loves to sit on all the window sills and check out the out doors. He’s ventured out onto the balcony several times and is continuing to get more comfortable being out there (he’s still a bit nervous but clearly wants to check things out). He curls up next to us at night, either with his head on the pillow next to mine or at mine and John’s feet. He’s friendly with everyone who comes over and likes to be right in the middle of the action. We seriously think we got “the best” cat! John and I feel so lucky he chose us that day at the cafe. He’s such a joy in our life.

Mia Yan