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Buy Caracat F4 Online


  • Name: Cody
  • Age:6 weeks old
  • Gender:Male
  • Neutered:Depending on the buyer
  • Papers:License Permit, Health Certificate,Insurance Certificate, Shipping Permit
  • Vaccines given:Rabies, Distemper, Feline herpes virus
  • Microchipped:
  • Stud:No
  • Temperament:Playful, Active
  • Litter trained:Yes


What you need to know about caracat F4.

The caracat F4 care and maintenance of these magnificent animals is best left to professionals and experts with considerable resources. So yes, caracals can make good pets for some people who can properly house, feed, and care for these big cats. While a caracal looks a bit like a common house cat with a small spherical head and big eyes, the caracal is most like the serval in appearance. In fact, many people get these two wild cats mixed up. Even though the serval has spots and the caracal doesn’t.

About the pet we sale here.

Caracat F4 for sale uk and servals are both medium-size wild cats. But servals live. In wetter environments than caracals that stick to arid regions. A caracat F4 online  reaches 3 feet in length and weigh up to 40 pounds. The male is  heftier than the female but both sexes are powerful and fast. This wild cat is large enough to care for itself and fend off foe, but not quite big enough to go head-to-head. With apex predators like tigers and lions. Buy caracat F4 online can leap high in the air to catch birds right out of the sky. These cats are very athletic and capable of easily climbing trees to catch their prey like leopards.

The pets we sale are well train and healthy . we source  their parents in Africa and we bring them in uk for cross to have the various breeds you see in these store. The customer service  provide’s you with all the details for the pet with it documentation. The shipping world-wide fee is the best as we ensure your order arrive in good shape. caracat F4 for sale uk. What you need to do is to contact this customer service on how to get your order go through.


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