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Buy Ocelot kitten Online


  • Name: Fati and Annie
  • Age:9 weeks old
  • Gender:Male and Famale
  • Neutered:Depending on the buyer
  • Papers:License Permit, Health Certificate,Insurance Certificate, Shipping Permit
  • Vaccines given:Rabies, Distemper, Feline herpes virus
  • Microchipped:
  • Stud:No
  • Temperament:Playful, Active
  • Litter trained:Yes


What you need to know about ocelot kitten .

The ocelot kitten (Leopardus pardalis) is a medium-size spott wild cat that reaches 40–50 cm (15.7–19.7 in) at the shoulders and weighs between 8 and 15.5 kg (17.6 and 34.2 lb). It was first describe by Carl Linnaeus in 1758.
The ocelot kitten online has gray to golden brown fur. It has brown spots and patches bordered in black on its sides. It looks a lot like the margay, but its spots come in many patterns like rosettes, Slashes, speckles and bars. It has two to three stripes on its cheeks and four to five horizontal stripes on its neck and chest. These solidary wild cats are nocturnal, which means they are active during the night and sleep during the day. They sleep in trees and bushes. Each night, they travel 1 to 5 miles (1.6 to 8 kilometers) to hunt, and kill one animal per every 3.1 hours of travel, according to Defenders of Wildlife nevertheless.

An ocelot for sale family usually includes a mom and one or two young. The kittens are born with their spots but have gray coats and blue eyes that turn golden brown when they’re about three months old. Ocelots live with their mom for about a year and then leave to find their own territory. A carefully raise ocelot can be a very affectionate animal. The ocelot kitten for sale uk are playful and very active. Many I have known would play with a rope or ball as long as they could convince their person to keep playing with them  in conclusion.


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Male, Female, Pair


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