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Buy parents serval Online


  • Name:Milo  &  Lola
  • Age:70 weeks old
  • Gender:Male & Female
  • Neutered:Depending on the buyer
  • Papers:License Permit, Health Certificate,Insurance Certificate, Shipping Permit
  • Vaccines given:Rabies, Distemper, Feline herpes virus
  • Microchipped:Yes
  • Stud:No
  • Temperament:Playful, Active
  • Litter trained:Yes


What you need to know about parents serval .

The pets parents serval have you ever seen a serval cat? They are the coolest cats in the world! The serval is one of Africa’s most unusual and rarest big cats. Servals live in grasslands, scrublands, savannas, and dense forests on both sides of the equator. In some countries, they are hunted because people think they will attack livestock or humans. But really that is not true at all! Servals eat rodents like rats and mice so they won’t come to your house looking for food (they have better things to do). Plus it would be super hard to catch them because they can jump 12 feet high! So next time you see a serval cat make sure to give it lots of love instead of trying to.

Serval Cat Characteristics
Serval Cats are also one of the most popular pets in America. A serval cat is a type of exotic, wild cat that can be difficult to find. This post will outline about this rare feline.

The serval cat has several distinguishing features that make them unique from other cats such as their long legs, large ears, and spotted patterning on its fur coat. These cats come in many different colors such as black spotted with white (called snow leopards), brown spotted with yellow (called lions), red-spotted with yellow (called tigers), dark greenish-gray striped with gold.

About The Pets We sale.

The pets we sale here are well train and healthy . we source their parents in Africa and we bring them in uk for cross to have the various breeds you see in these store. The customer service will provide you with all the details for the pet with it documentation. The shipping world-wide fee is the best as we ensure your order arrive in good shape. parents serval for sale uk. What you need to do is to contact this customer service on how to get your order go through

Additional information


Male, Female, Pair


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