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Buy Savannah F1 HP Online


  • Name:Nala
  • Age:6 weeks old
  • Gender:Female
  • Neutered:Depending on the buyer
  • Papers:License Permit, Health Certificate,Insurance Certificate, Shipping Permit
  • Vaccines given:Rabies, Distemper, Feline herpes virus
  • Microchipped:Yes
  • Stud:No
  • Temperament:Playful, Active
  • Litter trained:Yes


HP (high percentage) and Serval Percentage in Savannah Cats or savannah F1 HP.

 Firstly ,savannah savannah f1 hp recently I have notice a number of posts about HP Savannah kittens and cats and serval percentage. So I wrote a short article about it – simple, factual and to the point. Hope it helps clear up some of the confusion going on. The HP (high percentage) and Serval Percentage in Savannah Cats and Kittens .

When a serval is bred to a domestic cat, the kittens from this breeding are 50% serval . Half of the genes from the domestic and half from the serval. This is the only breeding where the serval percentage is known.

Breeding an F1 Savannah from a domestic pairing of serval x domestic, does not necessarily yield a 75% F1 kitten. Breeding an F1 Savannah from a Savannah x serval breeding still does not necessarily yield a 75% or higher serval percentage. But there is a good chance the kitten would be 75% or greater.  The reason is that no one knows what percentage of serval genes are pass on to the kittens. What percentage of domestic genes are passed on.

Genetics are theoretical  no one knows the percentage of serval in any Savannah kitten – there is no DNA test to prove it. So when you see breeders posting percentages with their Savannah kittens. It is just a marketing tactic  not base on factual information, which can be misleading.

About The Pets We Sale.

The pets we sale here are well train and healthy . we source their parents in Africa and we bring them in uk for cross to have the various breeds you see in these store. The customer service will provide you with all the details for the pet with it documentation. The shipping world-wide fee is the best as we ensure your order arrive in good shape. savannah f1 hp for sale uk. What you need to do is to contact this customer service on how to get your order go through.


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