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Buy Savannah F2 Male Online


Age:8 weeks old

Neutered:Depending on the buyer

Papers:License Permit, Health  Certificate, Insurance Certificate, Shipping Permit

Vaccines given:Rabies, Distemper, Feline herpes virus

Temperament:Playful, Active

Litter trained:Yes


What you need to know about savannah f2 male.

What about color of savannah f2 male? The F2 Savannah cats will maintain great contrast between their spots and basecoat and come in a wide range of color combinations. While the F1’s are relatively standard, being mostly golden base and sometimes silver, the F2’s will run the spectrum from having a cool-neutral tan to a vivid orange base with inky black to cinnamon-brown spots. They also come in silver tones and occasionally snow, smoke and melanistic. The recessive marbled gene can also be expressed starting with the F2 Savannah cats

The Behavior of F2 Savannah Cats
Also like the F1’s, the F2 Savannah cats will bond very closely with their immediate family. They will greet you at the door when you come home, follow you around the house, sleep in bed with you at night and sometimes jump in the shower with you. There is variation in how the F2 Savannah cats relate to young children. Some will be very accepting of them and allow the kids to pick them up and carry them around. Most will not though. Most will play with them with teaser toys and allow them to pet them, but when the kids get to playing loud and fast the F2 Savannah cats will head to high ground. When visitors come to the home that they are not familiar with most will keep a safe distance. They will want to observe, but will do so from around a corner or up high on a shelf. Buy savannah f2 male online  some will play with visitors with a toy, but generally will not allow visitors to touch them.

Buy savannah f2 male online cats will have a minimum of 25% Serval blood in them. At this point, with having had F5 Savannah males for many years, most F2’s will have about 30% Serval blood. On occasion a high percentage F1 female will have a litter, resulting in offspring in the 32-37% range. Those individuals will generally lean more towards the F1 in their body type and substance.


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